Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Praise God and Pass the D20

I am excited this week to have a Thursday night free for the first time in over a month, which means that I get to go play Dungeons & Dragons and eat too much pizza as had once been my traditional weekly event.  It is getting hard, though, to keep my head wrapped around the boom shacka lacka of yoga and the BOOM! HEADSHOT! of a D&D game.  For guideance I turn to the font of confusing wisdom, the Bhagava Gita.  Below is how I interpret the central message of the Gita.  Since in my head everything looks like a comic book, the part of Arjuna will be played by the Green Arrow, and the part of Krishna will be played by Doctor Manhattan (the five people in the world who know both comics and Hindu myth will get why that’s funny).

Krishna, my charioteer who is also God in disguise, I am verily confused!
You have told me that to live a good life I must always carry God in my heart, to think of doing good deeds, to practice ahimsa (the rejection of violence), and to keep my mind to the good task ahead and not to crave reward.
Yet you also urge me to shoot arrows into the brainpans of my cousins over yonder?
What can I say?  If following God’s will was so simple there wouldn’t be so many book about it.  Let’s ride!

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