Friday, February 15, 2013

Three Blogs

I have three blogs.  Why does anyone need three blogs? 

First, there is a blog about westerns, Slap Bookleather, that I started in January 2011 and stopped contributing to on a regular basis in mid-2012 (you can read the reason that I have taken a break from that blog here).  With roughly 20 months of regular contribution I had 25 followers and over 75,000 page hits, and still get around 50 hits per day.

Second, I have the blog that you are reading now, a blend of gaming, yoga, and cardiac recovery, that has been in place for six weeks as of this writing.  So far I have one follower and just over 400 page hits.  

Finally, I have my secret Tumblr blog that I do not share with anyone I know in the three dimensional world.  It is an almost stream of consciousness blog about environmentalism & politics, and being a Tumblr blog is mostly images, particularly of cowboys, cowgirls, the Lone Ranger, guns, gay rights symbols, people meditating, sci-fi movies, Poison Ivy, and women with red hair.  Tumblr does not track page hits, but that blog has 127 followers.  What happens on Tumblr stays on Tumblr.

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