Thursday, February 21, 2013

So Much Kung Fu My Body Rejects Poison

Recently I read several books with characters that are so in touch with their bodies, are so Zen, have Kung Fu so bad ass that their bodies reject poison.  The first was the title character in an Immortal Iron First comic book, then later that same day in an audiobook of a Remo Williams, the Destroyer book (Chinese Puzzle, book #3 in the series, which per the authors is much better than their crappy first two novels and the real start of the series).

The notion of bodies rejecting poison concerned me, because I take poison every day.  One of the heart medications that my bionic cardiac system needs to work effectively is based on a rat poison.  Given that I need poison to live, will I ever be pure enough inside that my body would reject poison?

Yes, it will, as I learned last week. 

On a business trip I stopped at a rest area looking for a drink and a snack.  Walking by a McDonald’s I saw that they now offer Fish McBites, which are just what they sound like.  I still eat fish occasionally, so I went to a McDonald’s counter for the first time in eight months and said “one snack size McBites and a small french fry, please.”

Half an hour later down the road I learned that my body does indeed reject poison.  Luckily I was close to my destination and was able to charge through the front door and dash to the bathroom in the nick of time.  No more Fish McBites for me.

My Kung Fu is huge.

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