Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tantra and Orthodoxy in Yoga

It seems odd to think this, but I am starting to wonder if the Tantra-influence Yoga I study is a bit too “I’m okay, you’re okay”.  Perhaps in the end I would find more meaning in classical Yoga.  None the less, I believe I read in the Yoga Sutras somewhere that you should pick a path of study and stick to it for several years, as it takes a long time to get into the hidden depths of the practice where asana, meditation, and pranayama all come together.

It’s just that Tantra has this, “hey man, just chill out and practice, all that live right Raja Yoga stuff will come in time” attitude.  I keep thinking “the world is fucked up y’all start better acting noble and proper right now!”  Of course my profession is centered around keeping people from acting like asses in their cars and from dying stupidly; I think it’s bleeding over into my practice.