Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Light on Yoga for Smartalecks

I have only just begun to fuck with you

Sometimes I wonder if people come up to B.K.S. Iyengar and ask what the heck he thought he was doing when he wrote the introduction to Light on Yoga.  I imagine this is his answer: 

"What’s that?  Yes, this is just an introduction to a yoga practice manual, why do you ask?  Because the introduction condenses thousands of years of philosophy into fifty pages?  Why else does one practice yoga, to have a nice backside and righteous glutes?"

"Ah, now that you have read the introduction to the practice manual you seek total enlightenment?  Sure, no problem, you can just follow these simple rules all written with lots of untranslated Sanskrit.  Don’t know Sanskrit?  No problem, here’s essentially what it means.  Your mind will be spinning for a few decades are you try to wrap ideas like santosha and ahimsa around your daily life, but just thinking about it will make your journey through life more harmonious.  Now you have a headache?  That is to be expected, but simply keep God in your practice and all will be well.  Also remember that your entire life is your practice."

"Now here are some pretty pictures of me stretching.  Enjoy."

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