Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trying to Explain Yoga to Gamers

Sometimes my friends ask me about yoga.  They really don’t quite understand, but they try.  If I show them an image of a posture on the internet they pretty quickly try to figure out how you have sex in that posture.  They mean well.  Really.

I do wonder what I would say if they ask a question like “what are you working on in yoga?” 

Would I say that I am working up to handstand…

…or that I just started on headstand prep…

…maybe explain bakasana?

Perhaps.  But the reality is that what I am working in yoga is getting my whole hand on the earth and breathing, preferably at the same time.


  1. Those are all pretty respectable minor goals, but your real goal is downright beautiful. Me —I'm working on getting through a mostly self-induced fecal hurricane without becoming an alcoholic, landing in jail, or ending-up broke. That, and doing a handstand.

  2. I would work on breathing first, then getting your whole hand on the earth. Also, no robbing any banks with transsexual prostitutes.

  3. It's all of the above, really, simultaneously. I'm not working on the inversions just to look cool: they help. That moment of balance and freedom —fleeting though it is during my elbow stands ("pincha mayurasana"?)— is unlike anything else I experience in my practice.

  4. Yogini from CO, First and Foremost a blogger and gamer. Beginning my own teacher training, heavily considering trying to fill the apparently absent Yoga for Gamers niche. Would love to chat!