Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Four Reasons to Support Your Local Yogi

(Copied from BlackLatinaYogi on Tumblr)

Here are a few reasons why you should take classes at a privately owned studio vs. your local gym:
  1. Individual attention - teachers take the time to know their students. You’re more than just a face in the crowd to us. We get to know the real you. It’s about building a community with a strong common bond. As teachers, we have a unique perspective on life challenges because of our practice. We have our moments(we’re human just like you) when situations get the best of us. Yet, we come back to that one place where everything makes sense, our mats and take a moment to breathe.
  2. Training - most instructors complete a 200 hr course over a 9-12 month period focusing anatomy, physiology, postures, yogic principles(Bhagavad Gita) and ethics. Advanced training is offered at the 500 hr level. Great instructors continue studying by attending workshops and retreats. Gyms on the other hand, may only offer a few weeks training, focusing solely on the postures(asana). Certified yoga instructors are taught to provide assists(cues that guide you the student deeper into the posture) through visual contact, verbal instruction or touch. 
  3. Atmosphere - gyms are surrounded by mirrors so students are distracted by what they see and spend less time on what they feel. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj which means to join, to yoke. How can you join the mind and body when your focused on your reflection or what the person next to you is doing? Yoga is an opportunity to go within, to connect and feel the nuances the body experiences in certain poses. Through practice, the mind becomes still and is ready for meditation. 
  4. Cost - In order to take a yoga class at a gym, you may have to pay a monthly membership fee. Most yoga studios(like mine) charge a nominal fee for group classes somewhere in the range of $12-$20.(that’s the price of 2 lattes)
Consider attending a yoga class at a local studio. Ask for a free consultation. Experiment with different styles until you find one that suits your needs and lifestyle. We only have one life, live it to the fullest. ~ Namaste 

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