Monday, March 4, 2013

Yoga In Your Underwear Part 2- The Advantage of a Home Practice

In an earlier post I talked about the mixed messages I felt when I first saw the "Yoga by Equinox" and asked why on Earth anyone would do yoga in their underwear.  Since then I have learned sometimes yoga in your undies is just the best way to go.
Since starting yoga teacher training I have built up a short daily practice that follows a very specific routine for days that I wake up at home (ie, not in a hotel on a business trip).  Every day I do a series of Sun Salutations, starting with one on Monday, two on Tuesday, working up to seven on Sunday.  Sounds pretty straightforward, but this is what it really looks like:

  • Wake up around 5:30, hit snooze several times
  • Get up, walk carefully down the hallway while the cat shows his love for me by trying to trip / bite me
  • Put heavy socks, sweatshirt, and old jeans over whatever I slept in the night before
  • Go down stairs, turn on computer, start coffee, feed cat
  • Drink glass of water and cup of coffee while reading nerd blogs and Yahoo! News
  • Roll out yoga mat on living room floor
  • Take off heavy socks, sweatshirt, and old jeans and throw them into a chair
  • Do Sun Salutations in whatever I slept in the night before, usually my undies
Usually I remember to check to see if the blinds are closed.  Usually.

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